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Review: “First You Jump” provokes thought and conversation - "Moon’s talent at creating these worlds by using magical realism helps us explore human truths. None of us will ever defend a T-Rex lover or struggle with the decision to stay human or become a puppet. But we all have times when we must make major decisions." - Read the full review by Sherry Grindeland on

Press: Five Magically Realized Stories About Taking the Leap in Life Take Wing at Valley Center Stage - "First You Jump is an inspiring, Northwest concoction of magical realism, a microbrew of finely hewed acting portraying a range of dramatic fantasy..." - Read the rest on

"A new show unlike ANYTHING you've seen! How do you take that terrifying leap into your own Unknown? It's some of the most fascinating new writing I've seen. Eva Moon is a master of the technique of dramatic juxtaposition: Taking a fantastic situation and dropping a struggling human being right in the middle. The last time I felt this was working on Tom Stoppard's "The Real Thing." She has his wit, but with such a profound soul and heart." -- Dennis Bateman

"How many of us have left behind dreams and self-power because we could not take that First Jump? "First You Jump" is a powerful theatre experience. This show brought me to new levels and more open perceptions on life, love and the world. They were eye opening and gave me a chance to unlock my perspectives. It was a complete turnaround of theater experience and I loved it to say the least! "First You Jump" is a show which I hope expands to more theatres across multiple states, countries, and languages. It was amazing!" -- Audience comment

"Damage Control" Snapshots 2014, 20% Theater Co, Chicago, IL:

"From a pacing standpoint, it has the perfect blend and I love how fearless and extreme the ending is! I keep using the word 'extreme' because I love how ballsy and goofy and dramatic this is! There really is nothing tentative about any part of the play and I cannot wait for an audience to see it!" -- Kallie Rolison, Director

"Geppetto's Funeral" Blackshaw Theatre Co, London, UK:

"We found our initial rehearsal really interesting and kept finding more and more layers of meaning in the script as we worked through. Your Pinocchio is certainly a very complete guy!" -- Marcus Bazley, director

"Great piece, brilliantly performed. Lots of lovely language, crunchy ideas to think on, deep metaphysical themes, lots of layers. Excellent stuff!"

Comments from the first full staged reading, North Bend, WA:

"This is one of the most thoughtful, thought provoking and soul-satisfying plays I've ever seen. Eva's stories are almost lyrical in their telling: 5 vignettes that are at once fantastical and yet almost universal in their relating to the human condition. Between each vignette was one of Eva's musical numbers that set the tone for the next story. I am so looking forward to seeing a full production of this play later this year. Bravo!" -- Bal Simon

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First You Jump logo
"First You Jump poster artwork
Damage Control
Rochelle Wyatt in "Damage Control"
Red Algernon
Robin Walbeck-Forest in "Red Algernon"
Geppetto's Funeral
Dennis Bateman in "Geppetto's Funeral"
Growing Feathers
Robin Walbeck-Forest in "Growing Feathers"
Terminal Velocity
Gretchen Douma in "Terminal Velocity"
Kathleen Roche-Zujko, Singer/Narrator
Gary Schwartz
Gary Schwartz, Director
Eva Moon
Eva Moon, Playwright/Composer


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